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Virtual Summer Learning Exchange

Summer Learning Loss?  Not on my watch!

(But how?)

The National Education Foundation (NEF) is accepting applications from summer programs and camps seeking offer academic enrichment programs to their participants.

World-Class, proven academic enrichment tailored for Summer Learning

Math and

English Language Arts

Ages 5-13

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Minecraft Intercamp Competitions

Ages 10-15


Animation, Cybersecurity, Mobile Dev, Data Science

Ages 5-18

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Digital Literacy Course (with Certificate)

Ages 12-18

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SpoonRead Summer Reading Improvement

Ages 7-13

Offer Summary

Hi, I'm Bill!

I want every child to get what they need this summer.  For many -- if not most -- kids, they need to get back on track academically.  The Spring Semester was a mess, and plans for the fall are sketchy.  We just can't let a generation of kids fall behind as a result of COVID-19.  But you can do something about that. 


The National Education Foundation (NEF) has a track record over three decades of offering academic enrichment that is not only fun and engaging, but advances student learning a whole grade level in the process.

There's how:


Train your staff!  Most summer programs are not set up to provide virtual learning.  Sign up for one of our Virtual Learning Exchange webinars to learn how to deliver successful virtual learning programs.

Commit to at least one option for every kid.  We have options for children ranging from 5-18.   Find one that works for your kids.

Spread the word to your families.  Let parents and caregivers know what they can do to support their children through virtual learning opportunities.  Whether they are complementing your programs or just doing it on their own at home with your encouragement, make sure every family knows the options available to their children.

NEF has partial and full grants for virtual summer learning experiences for organizations that sign up by June 1.

Let us help you get your virtual programs in place today!


Bill @ NEF

Apply: NEF Virtual Summer Learning Exchange
Choose the programs you are interested in:
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