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Summer Online Learning Programs

Digital Literacy

For ages 12 and up
Online, self-paced
Price: Free

This Digital Literacy program was borne out of a public-private partnership that provides world-class Digital Literacy Academies to schools at at no cost. The $100 million program has been lauded by the US Congress and the US Department of Education as an innovative approach to bridging the 21st century academic and job skills gaps.
Every student obtaining access during Summer 2020 will have 24/7 unlimited access for as long as they need to complete the Web-based digital literacy course (IC3) prepared by the State University of New York (SUNY).  The IC3 (Internet & Computing Core Curriculum) is a universally recognized course that meets the digital literacy test standard of all 50 states. 
The course consists of Basic Computer Skills, Computer Application Skills, and Internet (Living Online) Skills. Any student who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate from NEF and its academy partner, SUNY.


The course consists of Basic Computer Skills, Computer Application Skills, and Internet (Living Online) Skills. Any student who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate from NEF and its academy partner, SUNY.

Digital Literacy

SuccessMaker Summer Edition

Math and Reading

For ages 5-13
Online, self-paced with
Targeted coaching
Price: $145 / student

SuccessMaker® is an adaptive intervention platform focused on reading and math curriculum with formative assessments for grades K-8. The platform includes assessment tools which provide students with material that builds a solid academic foundation, aligned to state and national standards. This adaptive learning platform ensures that students have gained foundational skills, through challenging content both at and just beyond their current level of mastery to ensure constant growth. SuccessMaker® reports and predicts progress while helping students reach key milestones to advance at least one grade level during an academic year.

NEF and Pearson are making available a Summer Edition of SuccessMaker® for kids to use from home to help them avoid summer learning loss and better prepare them for the next school year.

successmaker welcome.png

SuccessMaker® is the most powerful learning tool ever for Grades K-8 reading and math.  Every student interaction adjusts instruction in real time to real learning needs. SuccessMaker® delivers tutorials, practice, challenge, and remediation. It instantly adjusts pacing and sequencing. It continuously assesses in a natural, unobtrusive way.


Minecraft Intercamp

Design Competitions

For ages 10-15
Individual or teams
Competition entry fee: $40 / student

(Requires Minecraft - inquire about eligibility for free edition)

The National Education Foundation is hosting another contest this summer using Microsoft's Minecraft.  The most recent competition theme was automation for sustainability. Students age 10-15 worked individually or in groups to create in-game farming machines or systems of their choice. They practiced their STEM skills by applying engineering concepts to create the most efficient systems possible. For each system or machine built and entered into the competition, participants must document the building process and create a video describing how each machine or system works.  Camp assigns judges using NEF / SUNY scoring rubric.  Winners of intercamp competitions are eligible for cash prizes.  This summer's contest details will be announced shortly.


WozEd STEM Pathways

For ages 5-18
Online, individual or group projects
 Fee: $49 / module

Woz ED believes in cultivating curiosities and passions early on that lead to rewarding careers.  Informed by the research and reality of self-paced online learning for students, the lessons have been adjusted to provide students with bite-sized activities that require minimal materials and can be accomplished with limited instruction from the teacher. Lessons for younger learners require support from a parent or older sibling. These online Animation Kit activities will inspire a love of STEM learning and encourage students to practice skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and persistence!

Animation - Level 1 - Ages 5-8

Stop-motion animation using Play-Doh and a mobile phone.

Cybersecurity - Level 2 - Ages 8-12

Using mazes and word games  to teach code-breaking, passwords, protecting personal information, two-factor authentication.

Mobile Development - Level 3 - Ages 13-15

Uses mind-mapping, paper prototyping, online prototyping tools and augmented reality to cultivate skills and interest in mobile application development.

Animation - Level 3 - Ages 13-15

Delves into topics such as optical illusions, flipbooks, stop-motion, storytelling and pixilation to teach core concepts of animation.

Data Science- Level 4 - Ages 15-18

Uses spreadsheets, charts, maps, diagrams and Stephen King to teach data science and visualization. 

For ages 7-13
Online, self-paced or
parent / child reading
Price: per book (varies)

SpoonRead Summer Bookshelf

+ Reading Comprehension

SpoonRead is a mobile, gamified platform where kids in grades K-6 read the full text of a book on a tablet, phone or Chromebook and answer basic comprehension questions after each chunk or “spoonful”. Virtual coins are awarded for successful reading which makes reading a game kids want to play.

As a parent, you know how important it is to get your child reading reading all summer long to avoid the "summer slide". By one study, a student that reads at home just 20 minutes per day will score better than 90% of his or her peers on standardized tests.  With SpoonRead, you now have a powerful tool to engage your kids in reading using the tool they love most – their mobile device.

If you choose you can also SpoonRead to set your child up to receive a great reward for completing his or her reading goal. Setting a reading goal will make it even more likely to keep you child engaged all summer long.

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